Survivalists vs Preppers

You may opt to keep adding cards into some house that’s going to collapse, or you’ll be able to start to rely on your own and make certain that you’re ready to provide for your household when everyone else is wondering just how they’re going to put food on the dining table. I think, the option is pretty simple; you can continue to rely on a government and a way of life that got us in the mess, or you’ll be able to start to take back your freedom and learn how to live a self reliant lifestyle.

We can talk about the difficulty most occasions in the past, but most Americans remain blind to what is really going on. 

Our county sits over 16.8 billion in debt, together with unfunded duties that put the actual number more than $120 billion. Our government has produced an economic Ponzi scheme that literally depends on debt to remain afloat. While politicians could talk about getting out of debt, the accuracy of the situation isthat this country’s insolvent. The Federal Reserve can’t keep to create money out of thin air for more; finally the entire Ponzi strategy is going to collapse.

I think, this country was teetering on the edge of a socioeconomic collapse for the past couple decades. By Nixon’s policies in the 1970’s that took the entire world of their golden standard into the financial disaster of 2008, our country has done very little to address our economic issues. In actuality, both sides of the political aisle seem to doing everything they could to make it worse.

So what is really a Survivalist, and is prepping becoming so popular?

I think, the term prepper is really just a modern variant of the term survivalist. Exactly like the term survivalist was demonized straight back into the 70’s, the term prepper seems to function as the most recent go to phrase when the conventional press needs a scapegoat.

That it is pretty weird, and quite sad that we even need these phrases to describe something that was once considered human nature. Unfortunately, we are living in a period where people have forgotten just how to fend for themselves; they rely so heavily on the government and huge corporations in so many regions of their life that needs to something ever go wrong individuals have been going to find mass chaos beyond what a vast majority of people have decided for.

When it boils right down to what these terms really mean, the best way I can describe both terms is through the lens of selfreliance. If you consider your self a prepper, or even a survivalist, it basically comes down to needing to be in a position to provide for yourself and your household without needing to count on a government waiver to continue to keep you safe.

The period survivalist started popping up in the 1960’s after people started warning concerning the devaluation of our currency, the chance of atomic issues because of the cold war, and the skyrocketing inflation rates that were hitting the country. Around that exact same period, the greater urbanization of our way of living caused many to stress that new urban model would become faulty, causing distribution shortages and chaos at large urban centers.

We have been individuals who comprehend that our system of debt and government reliance can’t continue forever. It’s simply a matter of time until the whole lot comes to a screeching to a stop, and when that takes place things aren’t going to be pretty. When things go south you’re going to have to take care of a whole slew of dangers, many of which the normal man never believed or correctly prepared for.

The term Prepper is clearly a relatively new term, made popular after T.V. shows like Doomsday Preppers started to exploit the term.

If and when the process stinks, you’re definitely going to have to fend for your self. You might want to be Prepared!